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Specification:Wonders Black Hair Shampoo ( Noni-Black Hair Magic)
Discolor your hair all the time and make sure you look elegant & glow. Suitable for all levels of society and the level of age, no matter man or WOMAN. He also removes dandruff free head made from itching. This product also has been approved and HALAL CERTIFICATE safe to use.
Materials and effectiveness:
1. Made from herbal plant ( Morinda citrifolia) as a health ingredient hair.
Contents: Contents of Polygonum multiflorum pure natural Thunb, ginseng, and so forth, six times the proven effectiveness of other hair black shampoo on the market
2. Really easy to use, the effectiveness of the black light immediately after the instructions: It only takes seven minutes to blacken hair naturally, anytime and anywhere. This product discolor your hair from the root to the last part of the hair.
3. A perfect combination with hair penghitaman features, such as vitamins and hair conditioner. Now you can perform with more confidence without the gray hair and dandruff.
4. Use of continuous four times a month would grow a new hair black and healthy. This is because the efficacy of Ginseng which seeped into the scalp and activate the melanocyte cells produce melanin and grow new hair is black.
5th. Safe and healthy, without hair dye and chemicals, it remains black and will not change into red color.
6. Caring for hair roots and scalp and hair to prevent miscarriage.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Herry Soebekti [Marketing]
Mobile Number:087894195429
Phone Number:02183792809
Fax Number:02183792826
Address:Jl. Raja Ali Haji No. 1
Batam, Kepulauan Riau
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